The Ghost and the Mermaid- Signed-Pre Order


Travel with Knight as he falls into a dangerous underwater world. Knight is the standard-bearer in the battle he fights to protect his country but during the battle, he falls into the ocean. Weighed down by his armor he has no way to swim to safety. But he meets a mermaid in the deep. Will she help him get free? Is there any hope that the battle above will be won?

This book is a paperback printed copy made from the original sketchbook project from #mermay 2022.

The finished book has color illustrations and will be about 32 pages long (Standard Picture book Length) and measure 8×10 inches.

The estimated delivery will be August 2022.

This pre-order is for signed copies only. Due to shipping costs, pre-orders are only available in the United States. When I release the book it will be available on Amazon listed for $19.99 USD and be eligible for prime shipping. Orders will also open up to any country where you can buy from Amazon.

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Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 8 × .25 in