Once upon a time I was born into a world full of rich and beautiful stories.

I remember my Dad telling my siblings and me The Story of Little Black Sambo, a story he knew because his mom told it to him. This is a story that connects me to a grandmother who died when I was in high school.

I remember Faerie Tale Theatre aired on our local PBS station every Sunday night. It was my favorite show for a long time. My parents recorded it onto VHS tapes, and I watched it over and over again.There are still times when a funny Faerie Tale Theatre moment will come up in conversation between my oldest brother and I. We still get so much enjoyment out of it.

Selling Art at Salt Lake Comic Con
Selling Art at Salt Lake Comic Con

Why do I Love Stories?

I walked to the library one morning and my books were on the shelf.
I walked to the library one morning, and I was delighted to see my books on the shelf!

When I’ve wondered about my love of stories, example after example came into my mind of how they have connected me to people I love. Like the two stories I told above.

Stories also connect us to people we’ve never met. They teach us things we’d never otherwise know. They add depth and love to our lives.

Tales Fantastic is the place where I take all those stories that I’ve read, seen, heard or lived, and use them as inspiration to create new fairy-tale-like stories with beautiful illustrations, in hopes that I can help you connect with the world and people you love.

Why do You Love Stories?

Since you’re here, I imagine you’ll relate to what I’ve said. You too have experiences where stories have helped you to connect, learn, or be inspired. I’m delighted to welcome you to this world of imagination I’ve created.

Get cozy in your favorite chair and immerse yourself in the stories. Read them here at TalesFantastic.com or download them free to read on your device. Enroll to receive my e-letters and you’ll receive extra info about each story and illustration as it is realeased.

I place my paintings on a metal board to see if I need make any last minute changes before I send them to the publisher. These are from "In the Snow"
I place finished paintings on the wall to see if I need to make any last minute changes before I send them to the publisher. These are from “In the Snow”.

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“It’s so fun to support an artist for whom I feel passionate about their work. I feel as though I get to be apart of something that’s almost like a juicy secret. It’s a secret that’s going to get out, but I get to be one of the first.”

Jennifer Eichelberger


“I’ve always loved micro-stories – narrative vignettes accompanied by intricate images. The variety of stories in Tales Fantastic is also a pleasant plus.”

Stephen Bradford


“I like the Tales Fantastic Stories because they are fun fantasy stories and fairy tales told in small bite sized chunks. I can enjoy reading the stories in a couple of minutes and not be overwhelmed by having to read a whole novel. I also love the illustrations that go along with each story. Each illustration adds a whole new level of excitement to the stories.”

Shawna J.C. Tenney