A Book That Brings Your
Childhood Dreams to Life

Three fantastical mermaid stories united in one beautiful hardbound volume.

A compendium of Mermendiums

The compendium contains three years of #mermay magic. 

Each May, Instagram explodes with mermaid drawings as artists around the world create for the hashtag #mermay. The hashtag, started by artist and animator Tom Bancroft, is now a fantastic creative jumping board for many artists, including me.

My first book, Mermendium, was inspired by Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide by Tony DiTerlizzi, and the Monster Volume book created by CreatureBox. I had the idea to create the story in April of 2018, and the magical fun has grown from there.

Mermendium  From Mermay 2018

Travel around the world on a mermaid sightseeing trip. Read first-hand accounts of the author’s interaction with mermaids and see the variety of mermaids we have all over the world. 25 pages

The Great Naiad Discovery of 1909 From Mermay 2019

Read the journal of Mable Price as she and her partner Levi Densley embark on an expedition to discover an ancient naiad long thought to be extinct. 39 pages

The Marvelous Collection of Alvin Guilbert, Coming May 2020

Alvin Guilbert has set out to save the mermaids, but perhaps he’s going about it the wrong way. 28-32 pages

Follow this volume’s creation during May 2020 on @talesfantastic’s Instagram.

Mermendium Compendium will also include never before seen artwork created just for the book!

Join the journey as I create the last story.

Create your own field guide!

Do you want to create your own Mermaid Field Guide? Join me this May and create your own sketchbook full of mermaids. Try one page or a whole book. It’s up to you. Post on Instagram and hashtag your artwork #mermaidfieldguide along with the #mermay hashtag and tag me @talesfantastic. I’ll share as many entries as I can on my Instagram stories. Scroll down to see a photo of the supplies I use, including my mermay sketchbook and small watercolor set. For a more in-depth look at my watercolor supplies click here.

Or, not an artist?

You can still join in the fun in two other ways:

Write a mermaid story and share some or all of it on an Instagram post. Use the same hashtag, #mermaidfieldguide and tag me @talesfantastic. I’ll share as many entries as I can on my Instagram stories.


Download the coloring page by joining the Tales Fantastic mailing list. Color the page and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #mermendiumcolor. Then I can see your awesome work, and share in on my Instagram stories.

Don’t forget to follow along with all the fun. You can watch the new story’s creation on Instagram and Patreon. (You don’t have to be a patron to follow along.)

My Mermay Supplies