The Ghost and the Mermaid

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Book Cover: The Ghost and the Mermaid
Editions:Paperback: $ 19.99
ISBN: 979-8808407688
Size: 8.00 x 10.00 in
Pages: 432

What is a battle without hope?
Knight's job is to hold the standard while the army fights but he wants to do more to help. He wants to fight. Fate has other ideas. He falls into the ocean taking the flag with him. Armor weighs him down and no matter how hard he fights he can't get free, but then he meets a mermaid, who helps him learn the value of hope.

This idea came from the desire to draw and paint illuminated manuscripts, but wanting to paint something isn't necessarily a story. I have been feeling the importance of having hope that good things are going to happen in our lives because when we have hope good things can happen. This story came from that idea. I hope it makes you feel hopeful as you move through the journey that is life.


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Manelle is a professional illustrator and writer. She's illustrated over ten children's books and she loves stories. When she reads a novel it becomes impossible to get anything else done until the end of the story.

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